4 Most Common Roofing Mistakes That Should be Avoided

Published: November 24, 2023 by Steven Griffin

Installing a new roof can cost thousands of dollars, making it one of the most expensive construction projects. With a lot of money on the line, it’s easy to see why you should avoid common roofing mistakes that may make the process more expensive. Any error made during installation is often costly and difficult to reverse.

Are you planning to make roofing installations or repairs for your home? Follow this article for tips that will make your roof installation process a success.

1.  Fitting Your New Roof Over the Old

People make a common mistake during installation by placing new shingles over the old ones during repairs. In fact, this practice is illegal in some states, but even if it isn’t, it’s best to avoid it. Placing a new roof over an existing one will create crevices where moisture can collect, causing it to deteriorate faster.

Also, the deck beneath the roofing sheets may be responsible for whatever roofing problem you’re facing. Without removing the roofing completely, you won’t be able to examine weaknesses in the deck. This additional layer also adds extra weight that affects the walls and deck.

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2.  Using Nails Wrongly

It’s essential to use as many nails as required during roofing installation and repairs. Using too few nails or improperly sized nails will prevent slates from locking in place. Eventually, the nails will pop as the pressure increases. When this happens, water will flow into your house instead of rolling down the edge of the roof.

You also need to place these fasteners at their precise locations during new roof placement. Improperly installed nails get exposed to elements. As time goes by, this will lead to corrosion that will cause holes in your shingles, and you’ll need to have the roof repaired in a short time.

3.  Poor Ventilation

Roofers often overlook ventilation during roof installation, and this often has serious repercussions. The attic is essential for providing a strong foundation for the roofing slates. Poor attic ventilation causes excess heat build-up, which will damage your roof.

You should also note that poor roofing ventilation may contribute to your energy bills. During hot weather, the excess heat makes its way into your house. The heat causes your air conditioner to overwork, consuming more energy to bring the temperature down.

4.  Ignoring the Roof Slope

Some homeowners assume that roofing is one size fits all. They expect what works on one roof to work on another. This is a wrong assumption and could be damaging during installation. The materials to be used for roofing depend on the slope of your roof.

Lower slopes are ideal for roll roofing, while higher slopes require shingles or titles. Improper slope combined with inappropriate materials can leave the house exposed to rainfall, which eventually causes damage to the roof.

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