10 Common Roof Replacement Mistakes That You Should Be Aware Of

Published: October 20, 2023 by Steven Griffin

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Many homeowners try to tackle roof replacement themselves to save money, but that’s unwise. Without adequate experience, it’s easy to make costly mistakes. That’s why it’s best to leave roof replacement to the pros.

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In this post, we’ll inform you of these common roof replacement mistakes and advise you on avoiding them. 

1. Using Incorrect Materials

Imagine finishing your roof and realizing you used incorrect roofing material. To avoid this headache, do not select by appearance alone; consider function and price.

2. Not Having a Roofing Permit

One of the most common roof replacement mistakes is not having a roofing permit. Though permits can be costly, having them ensures you follow all building codes and don’t face project suspensions, fees, and fines.

3. Forgetting About the Attic

Many homeowners focus wholly on the roof and forget what it covers, like the attic. A neglected attic can negatively affect your roof and vice versa, so be sure both work collaboratively and cohesively.

4. Lack of a Starter Strip

Roof replacement projects and new construction need a starter strip to ensure waterproofing. Without this, the edges of a roof aren’t adequately covered, allowing water to leak into the home.

5. Misaligned Shingles

Those who aren’t roofing professionals may misalign shingles, causing long-term damage. One trick for this common mistake is to use vertical and horizontal chalk lines to guide you and ensure the shingles are straight. For roof repairs, you can line the old shingles up with the new ones. 

6. Poorly-Nailed Shingles

Nails are crucial to keeping shingles in place. Read your shingles manufacturer’s instructions to determine how many nails to use and where to place them.

7. Sealing With the Wrong Cement

Different shingles require different kinds of cement. Consult a roofing contractor to determine what you need to use.

8. Shingles Hang Improperly Over the Eaves

Shingles should only hang over the eaves by about half an inch. Be sure to line yours up correctly.

9. Drainage Systems Do Not Connect

Your gutter system must be compatible with your new roof replacement. Roofing professionals can ensure that all systems work in harmony.

10. Doing the Job Yourself

Many property owners underestimate how difficult roofing projects are; you need accurate materials, installation techniques, and certainty that everything matches up. Doing the job yourself to save some money often backfires, requires even more work to fix roof replacement mistakes, and is stressful. 

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