Painting Roof Shingles: Is It Possible?

Published: September 1, 2023 by Steven Griffin

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Every resident wants their home in top shape, whether to boost property value, refresh an outdated exterior, or prepare to sell the property. One of the best ways to ensure your home is safe and looking its best is by painting roof shingles. But is painting roof materials beneficial, or could it harm your roof?

To better understand if enhancing your roof shingles in this way is the right choice for your home, reach out to Sugar Land Roofing LLC, Missouri City’s best roofing company. We have decades of know-how you need and none of the sugarcoating you don’t. 

Should I Paint My Roof Shingles?

Not only is painting your roof shingles possible, but you’ll come across many professionals that recommend this additional roofing step. While most homeowners primarily use roof paint to give their roofing material a new lease on life, the paint has many other benefits worth mentioning. 

Extend the Roof’s Lifespan

Your shingles continuously come in contact with the elements, from the blistering southern sun on 95-degree days to wild storm winds and rain. The thinner the roof material, the more your roof’s wooden structure deteriorates, jeopardizing your home.

Adding an extra layer of paint to your shingles, such as acrylic latex roof paint, shields the shingles longer, effectively protecting your roof. High-quality paints deflect UV rays, decrease humidity in your home, and create more strength against fallen debris. With this, your roof’s lifespan reaches beyond the typical 25 years. 

Save on Energy Costs and Repairs

Painting roof shingles proves cost-effective in multiple ways.

Painting is an energy-efficient approach since it creates more roofing insulation. By not allowing UV rays through your roof surface, the paint keeps exterior heat out of your home during blistering summers. Your AC unit doesn’t have to struggle to constantly readjust your indoor temperature, so you save money on cooling bills.

With a protective coat of roof paint, cooler winter temperatures and chilly storms won’t seep freezing air into your living quarters, keeping your heating costs at bay. Your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump also performs optimally years past their 10- to 15-year lifespans, saving you money on repairs and replacements.

Homeowners commonly believe the best way to change the appearance of their rooftops is by replacing the entire roof with new shingles. However, painting roof shingles is an inexpensive alternative since purchasing high-quality paint and using skilled contractors costs less than a roof replacement and still gives that new roof feel. 

Other Things to Consider Before Grabbing the Paint Can 

Refurbishing your roof shingles with a fresh coat of paint may seem ideal, but there are drawbacks to consider. Follow these tips to ensure your painted shingles benefit your roof instead of creating additional problems. 

Don’t Cover Up Your Problems

A high-end roof paint keeps elements from damaging your rooftop, but note that the paint job is a preventative method rather than a bandaid for existing troubles. If you have roofing concerns like cracked, loose, or missing shingles or leaks that contribute to water streaming in from your attic ceiling, paint won’t help.

These problems only worsen in time, leading to necessary and costly repairs that could end up damaging your new paint job.  

Use the Right Roof Paint

Only high-quality acrylic latex rooftop paint gives your home the protection you demand. Unlike regular household paint, it stands against the elements without trapping moisture that could rot your roof structure and create a fungal problem. This waterproof paint type bonds to asphalt and metal shingles alongside concrete, clay, and slate tiles.

If you own a terracotta roof, its glazed top coat won’t allow the paint to sit uniformly or permanently over it, no matter which paint type you choose. Since no paint bonds with this material, you’ll lose all the protective features of painting roof shingles.

The right roof color also affects your roof’s efficiency since darker colors, like black, dark gray, and brown, absorb up to 96% of heat from the sun. Living in Sugar Land, TX, the last thing we need is indoor temperatures matching the humid outdoor summer climate, so we suggest picking a lighter color for this area. White roofs or softer shades of most other hues divert up to 90% of rays for a comfortable home. 

Maintain Your Paint Job

While paint keeps your shingles safer, this top coat is more vulnerable to damage than the natural top layer of asphalt. That’s why painted shingles require semi-annual to annual maintenance checkups.

Like other types of paint, roof paint chips, cracks, and peels as it becomes worn with time. While you should touch up these areas during annual maintenance, you’ll still find yourself repainting your entire roof every five years on average.

The durability of the paint also hinges on the level of natural radiation it receives, so in a place like Texas, with up to 14 hours of blistering sunlight each summer day, you’ll repaint frequently. The cost of paint and professional jobs accumulate through the years, raising maintenance costs. 

Sugar Land Roofing LLC: Missouri City’s Top-Rated Roofer

Painting your rooftop may seem easier than painting a room since you don’t have to move furniture or deal with disgusting fumes. However, professionals strongly urge you don’t make this a DIY project since inadequate equipment and accidentally painting over faults damage your roof. You may also fall during this dangerous process.

Keep you and your home safe with our professional Sugar Land Roofing LLC team. We use top-quality paints and licensed and insured contractors that’ll repair and clean your roof before laying down elastomeric spray paint in your choice of color. We’ll ensure your home and yard are safe with dropcloths, and your paint job is thick and even with premium equipment.

Call Sugar Land Roofing LLC in Missouri City, TX, at 832.944.7663. You’ll learn about our roof maintenance checklist and get a free quote before painting roof shingles today!

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