How Often Should You Clean Your Roof?

Published: January 9, 2023 by Steven Griffin

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Missouri City residents have plenty of property that needs constant tending alongside larger houses requiring upkeep. Unfortunately, with everything within view taking priority, your roof is left to suffer the forces of nature alone. Rather than allow the buildup of debris to lead to holes, cracks, and a concaved surface, it’s time to ask, “How often should you clean your roof?” 

At Sugar Land Roofing LLC, we provide reliable roof cleaning in Missouri City, TX, and surrounding areas. Since roof installations, repairs, and maintenance are our specialty, we’ll explain below how often you should conduct roof cleanings and why. 

How Long Before Your Next Roof Cleaning?

If your home has recently undergone a roof replacement, the roofing material is in optimal condition, meaning you won’t need a roof cleaning for the first five years following installation. However, after a few years, heavy precipitation leads to fungal growth that sticks to your roof shingles, and fallen objects weaken the structure. Then, regular maintenance every two to three years becomes more fitting.

Here in Missouri City, we’re minutes away from the Metropolitan Houston area, but with a large huddle of airports and nearby freeways and rail lines, consider more frequent cleanings. That’s because these transportation modes create unusual levels of pollution and smog that can settle on your rooftop. These fine particles and soot also originate from warehouses, factories, and other production areas.

Even if you live in a less congested area with more overhanging trees and tropical landscapes, you must look out for fallen leaves and branches. You may also notice excessive sand on top of beachfront properties. Regular roof cleaning annually should take care of the extra weight and abrasive materials.

When Is It Best to Conduct a Roof Cleaning?

Now that you have an answer to “How often should you clean your roof?” consider when you should conduct the cleaning during the year. Clean your asphalt shingles during the summer when the weather is more appealing, making it easier to conduct maintenance without battling harsh winds and cooler temperatures. It’ll also make the cleaning more effective.

Cleaning your roof includes using detergents that sit over your roof’s surface for a few hours to a few days. However, during the spring and fall, when precipitation levels are at their highest, the rain washes the detergent off prematurely, leaving your cleaning job unfinished. Therefore, plan for a summer cleaning and check the forecast to ensure rain holds off as long as necessary.

Luckily the detergent will remain unphased in light rain, but you should also consider allergy season. When the pollen count is high, a lot of it settles onto your rooftop, and the last thing you need is an allergic reaction when cleaning your home’s roof. 

However, after pollen season peaks in June, consider an immediate cleaning if you’re expecting summer visitors since it’ll take odors at least one week to disappear. It’ll also enhance curb appeal when you need it most.

Since each home and location is different, experts may recommend different cleaning seasons, especially if your home is prone to fungal growth. For instance, if large trees or high buildings shade your rooftop, contributing to water runoff, you’ll notice mold, algae, and moss. They experience a fast growth rate during the fall, so leave your professional cleaning for then. 

What Does Roof Cleaning Entail?

Alongside knowing the answer to the question “How often should you clean your roof?” and when to do so, you should understand what cleaning entails. Some residents and professionals use the hard-washing method: power washing the roof with a high-pressure hose. While this is the fastest way to see results, but it’s also the quickest route to damaging the material. 

These heavy-duty hoses lift not only the dirt and grime from your shingles but the shingles themselves. Constant washes with this water pressure also weaken the material, causing shingles to break or warp years before the end of their expected lifespan. Therefore, unless you have a concrete roof, the soft wash method is the better option when maintaining shingle durability and longevity. 

The soft wash system uses a low-pressure hose with a spray slightly rougher than a typical garden hose, which is safer. However, combined with the appropriate high-end detergent, it proves just as effective as a hard wash. The chemical or detergent dissolves impurities, including stuck-on grime and growth over time, and even seeps into crevices, eliminating hard-to-reach concerns.

After the chemicals do their job, the hose washes away the loose debris, revealing a clean roof. Since the hose has a water pressure with a lower PSI, you don’t have to worry about the mess landing all over the circumference of your home. Trust a professional to spray everything neatly, guaranteeing they leave your property in better shape than when they first came. 

Why Is Cleaning Your Roof Necessary?

With all the hard work it takes to clean your roof, you may wonder if it’s all worth it. However, numerous benefits come from regular cleanings, including the following:

  • Limited growth: As mold, mildew, and other fungi continue spreading along your roof, it becomes a health hazard to nearby residents breathing in the spores. It also eats away the roofing material by holding onto moisture that deteriorates your roof’s structure.
  • Loose debris: Strong winds can push around fallen twigs, crunchy leaves, and tree limbs that fall on your roof, scraping against and lifting the material.
  • Excessive weight: Not only do heavy objects test your roof’s durability, leading to cracks and holes, but they trap moisture that makes the roof heavier, creating indented and rotted spots. 

Covering Your Roof So It Can Cover Your Home!

If cleaning your roof still sounds like a hassle, leave it to the pros at Sugar Land Roofing LLC. With years of roofing experience in Missouri City, TX, and surrounding areas, we have top materials and techniques to do the job efficiently and effectively.

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